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Building Positive Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle

March 26, 20243 min read

“40% of your day every day is a series of habits. So it's who you are because what you do is who you are.” - Ronnie Lo Life Coach

Papaya! I interviewed Ronnie Lo Life Coach to talk about habits and celebratory accountability. Below you can find both the audo and video versions of Transform Your Future with Eddie Isin podcast: Episode 6. In the fast-paced world we live in, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle can appear like a long and strenuous path. Yet, the path to health and wellness does not lie in drastic measures but rather in the powerful force of habits. In this interview with Ronnie Lo Life Coach, Certified Life & Habit Coach, we explore the transformational power of habits and how it might assist you in turning a new page to creating a healthier and more fulfilled life for yourself. At the core of any lasting change stands a concept of the formation of habits. As Ronnie puts it, habits are the things we do that no longer necessarily require much thinking or effort to complete but instead happen automatically. This automatic process makes habits extremely powerful. Therefore, integrating a positive habit in your daily to-do list automatically sets autonomy for well-being in the long run. Ronnie suggested starting small. The journey you are about to undertake does not always have to begin with the most significant actions. It is all about the small things that accumulate over time. It is not only less intimidating but also more encouraging over the long term. Just five minutes of meditation a day or a short walk around the block can grow into longer time and reach the goal a little bit every day. Another interesting concept introduced by Ronnie is celebratory accountability. The whole idea lies in celebrating each victory you make in the long way. It helps to stay motivated and makes the process joyful.

Planning for the What-Ifs

Life is full of uncertainties, and setbacks are inevitable. Ronnie explains that planning for the what-ifs is another way of embedding positive habits. It means that one should view the situation from multiple lenses and create a mental picture of potential challenges such as diet struggles leading to fast food. The proactive approach will ensure that when the challenges come, one is more prepared to beat them and continue with the journey of health and wellness.

The Interconnectivity of Life Aspects

The last point of Ronnie’s philosophy is that our habits are interconnected. A good habit in one field such as better diet and exercise can improve the results in other areas of our lives. For example, exercise can improve one’s mood, enhance relationships, and increase productivity. Accordingly, developing positive habits in one area equals an improved quality of life.

A Tailored Approach

Lastly, Ronnie insights empower people in different ways. One of the aspects is habitat crafting, which implies that there is not a one size fits all to be approach. Different people have different preferences, goals, and standards. As such, they have varying ways that work best for them. Thus, any habit will be easy to maintain because it will be enjoyable. In conclusion, a healthier life is a lifestyle; as Ronnie puts forward, habits can help us shape our lives. Starting small, celebrating small victories, planning for setbacks, and a tailored approach can drive change. Ronnie’s input and commitment to health explain how essential habits are to people.

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