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Hypnosis Secrets for Ultimate Performance: Transform Your Future Episode 001

February 20, 20244 min read

“The only way to overcome pain, wounds, and trauma is to actually face it, to feel it.” - Emma Heywood, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Performance Mindset Coach

Intro: Welcome to another episode of "Transform Your Future." Today, we dive deep into the power of hypnotherapy and subconscious reprogramming with the incredible Emma Heywood. Emma, a clinical hypnotherapist, rapid transformational therapy practitioner, and performance mindset coach, shares her journey from overcoming mental health struggles to helping others find inner freedom and purpose. Join us as we unravel the secrets of the mind and learn how to rewrite our stories for a life filled with confidence, joy, and abundance. Hypnosis Secrets For Ultimate Performance also embedded below.
Transform Your Future Podcast
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Key Points:

1. Understanding the Mind:

   - Emma breaks down the conscious and subconscious mind, emphasizing that the subconscious controls 95-98% of our actions and emotions.

   - Beliefs stored in the subconscious influence our reactions and shape our lives.

2. The Power of Belief:

   - Belief is a crucial element, with Emma stating that "belief without talent will get you further than talent without belief."

   - Our thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk impact our emotions, actions, and ultimately shape our reality.

3. Hypnotherapy and Subconscious Reprogramming:

   - Emma explains hypnotherapy as a tool to recondition the subconscious mind.

   - Hypnosis involves rewriting beliefs, providing direct mental instructions to cells, and visualizing a desired outcome.

4. Daily Self-Hypnosis:

   - Eddie shares personal experiences of self-hypnosis, realizing that individuals are constantly hypnotizing themselves with their thoughts and self-talk.

   - Emma encourages individuals to practice redirecting negative thoughts and embracing the power of positive suggestion.

5. Facing Emotions and Healing:

   - Emma emphasizes the importance of facing emotions, trauma, and wounds to liberate oneself.

   - Hypnotherapy, especially regression therapy, helps individuals trace back to the root cause of limiting beliefs and clear them.

6. Rewriting Your Story:

   - Emma encourages individuals to recognize that they are more than their conditioning and traumas, urging them to rewrite their stories at any time.

   - Redirecting focus from what is lost to what is gained can shift the mindset positively.

Facing the Unseen: The Only Way Out is Through

Emma Heywood emphasizes a profound truth: the only way to overcome pain, wounds, and trauma is to face them head-on. In a society that often encourages avoidance of discomfort, Emma advocates for embracing and feeling our emotions. She dismantles the misconception that feeling the depth of our emotions will trap us, emphasizing that true liberation comes from moving through them.

Meet Emma Heywood: Actress Turned Mindset Coach

Eddie Isin introduces Emma Heywood, a multifaceted individual with a background in acting, hypnotherapy, and mindset coaching. Emma shares her personal mental health journey, highlighting her transformation from a life of pain and low self-esteem to one of inner freedom, self-worth, and joy. Now, she dedicates her life to helping others achieve the same transformation.

Understanding the Mind's Two Parts: Conscious vs. Subconscious

Emma breaks down the mind into two parts—the conscious and subconscious. While the conscious mind controls only 5%, the subconscious governs a whopping 95-98% of our actions, emotions, and beliefs. With a focus on high performers, athletes, and artists, Emma unveils the power of subconscious beliefs in shaping our lives.

Rewriting Your Story: The Power of Belief

Beliefs, as Emma puts it, are thoughts repeated over and over. They become the foundation of our subconscious mind and govern our actions, behaviors, and ultimately, the events in our lives. Emma guides individuals in identifying and changing limiting beliefs, emphasizing that belief without talent often surpasses talent without belief.

Hypnosis and Reprogramming: A Dive into the Subconscious

Eddie and Emma delve into the practical aspects of hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming. Emma explains how hypnotherapy serves as a tool to communicate directly with the subconscious, giving instructions to cells and transforming physical and emotional states. The duo shares insights on how individuals can use imagination and visualization to harness their subconscious power.

Acting As If: Harnessing the Power of Imagination

Drawing from her background in acting, Emma introduces the concept of "acting as if" in real life. By using powerful imagery and visualization, individuals can tap into their subconscious minds and create a mental rehearsal for success. Emma shares how athletes and high performers can incorporate these techniques to enhance their confidence and performance.

The Only Way Out is Through: Embracing Discomfort

Both Emma and Eddie discuss the resistance people often have towards facing their fears and emotions. Emma encourages the idea that discomfort is a catalyst for growth and liberation. By acknowledging and feeling our emotions, we can break free from the patterns that hold us back and rewrite our stories.

Conclusion: Rewriting Your Story, One Thought at a Time

As the episode concludes, listeners are left with a powerful message: our minds are capable of tremendous change. Emma Heywood's journey and insights serve as a roadmap for anyone looking to unlock their mind's potential. By rewriting our stories, embracing discomfort, and harnessing the power of belief, we can transform our futures and create lives filled with confidence, joy, and abundance.

Secrets to Ultimate Performance: Transform Your Future Podcast Episode 001. Host Eddie Isin with Guest Emma Heywood, Clinical Hypnoterapist and Performance Mindset Coach.

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