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Unlocking the Healing Power Within: A Journey of Somatic Emotional Release: Transform Your Future Episode 002

February 27, 20243 min read

“It was all about limiting beliefs. It was all about ... everyone's out there to hurt me. I never looked within and said, maybe I'm the cause of it.” - Dr. Rori Montali


In this episode of the Transform Your future with Eddie Isin podcast, he discusses Subconscious Emotional Release with Dr. Rori Montali.  In a world where quick fixes and temporary solutions often prevail, there exists a profound approach to healing that delves deep into the roots of our emotional and physical struggles. You can watch the entire video of the podcast below. Dr. Rori Sloane Montali, a humanitarian, author, and craniosacral therapy specialist, sheds light on the transformative power of somatic emotional release. In a recent episode of the "Transform Your Future" podcast hosted by Eddie Isin, Dr. Montali shared insights into her unique approach to healing and the importance of addressing the subconscious mind.

The Power of Somatic Emotional Release:

Dr. Montali emphasizes the significance of somatic emotional release, a process that involves exploring and releasing emotions stored in the subconscious. Drawing from her extensive experience in craniosacral therapy, Dr. Montali guides individuals towards a deeper connection with themselves and a release from emotional trauma embedded in their minds, bodies, and souls.

She describes how somatic release goes beyond the physical aspects of healing. It involves creating a still point, inducing a state of relaxation where the nervous system can recalibrate. Through gentle touch and subtle movements, Dr. Montali facilitates the unwinding of tension, allowing the body to correct imbalances and promote healing from within.

Unveiling Hidden Truths:

One of the key aspects of somatic emotional release is the exploration of hidden beliefs and traumas stored in the subconscious. Dr. Montali highlights the tendency for individuals to mask their pain with external distractions such as substances, relationships, or various activities. The journey of self-discovery involves looking within and acknowledging one's role in their experiences.

By engaging in a dialogue with the subconscious through guided exercises and visualizations, individuals can uncover limiting beliefs, resentments, and suppressed emotions. Dr. Montali shares how this process often leads to profound moments of realization, where individuals become aware of the root causes of their physical and emotional struggles.

Healing Chronic Illness and Disease:

Dr. Montali's approach to healing extends to chronic illnesses and diseases, including conditions like cancer. She describes instances where engaging in a dialogue with the disease itself, expressing emotions, and understanding the origin of resentment can lead to significant improvements in health. Somatic emotional release becomes a powerful tool in the journey towards optimal well-being.

The Intersection of Consciousness and Healing:

Beyond the physical and emotional realms, Dr. Montali introduces the concept of consciousness levels. She emphasizes the importance of raising one's consciousness to align with the healing process. The intersection of mind and heart plays a crucial role in creating an environment conducive to self-healing.

In practical terms, Dr. Montali encourages individuals to consciously shift their thoughts and actions to a higher vibration. This involves embracing gratitude, joy, and love, even in challenging situations. By doing so, individuals pave the way for a more profound healing experience.


Dr. Rori Sloane Montali's approach to healing through somatic emotional release opens a gateway to self-discovery, transformation, and profound healing. As we navigate a world filled with distractions and external solutions, the journey within becomes a powerful and empowering choice. By unlocking the healing power within, individuals can embark on a transformative path towards optimal well-being and a harmonious connection with themselves and the world around them.

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